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The ground-breaking time management system

To access the initial instructions for the system entirely free of charge, together with developments, View the Newsletter Archive.

Russian translation by Yuliya Galkina

“Many thanks to Mark for the new system, the two words that come to mind are ‘powerful’ and ‘elegant’. It’s the Rudolf Nureyev of systems!” Spangles.

“I’d like to say that I’ve been using this method for several days now, and find that it works brilliantly. All of the thinking and refining that Mark has done over the years has culminated in a system that works well. It is simple and elegant, and it balances all the aspects of priority, urgency, and psychological readiness. I’ve had a seemingly impossible workload lately, yet I’m really chipping away at it.” Sarah J.

I’m finding the system fantastic for putting together a balanced daily routine.” Leon.

“My first thought when reading through the Final Version was how simple it was, and how much sense it makes.” Nenad Ristic.

“I love how simple FV is in terms of its written components. It makes it much simpler to port to an electronic system.” Daniel.

“535 tasks but the fv system worked really well today.” Vegheadjones.

“The system is generally working very well for me. I have managed to strike off a few longstanding tasks and I feel more in control of where I place my focus.” Andrew.

“I love the feel of FV. It’s intuitive and SIMPLE.” Brett.

I’m really enjoying FV having tried and abandoned a few of Mark’s earlier methods. I think that’s because of the emphasis on doing ‘what you want’. I’ve got rid of a few lingering jobs very quickly.” Lesley.

Up to now I only had positive results. I even enjoyed doing the “difficult” ones because the list gets shorter and shorter and I can already see me rewarding myself with nice and interesting tasks in the new preselected list to come.” Stefano F. Rausch.

Loving FV. Simple, fast, easy to explain to others, instantly useful… I believe Mark has created a work of genius.” Scott Moehring.

So far FV seems to be really the best time management system ever devised (like the other ones devised by Mark were, at their time).” Miguel Angel Cestao.

Mark’s designs are a kind of magic trick. It may seem ridiculous, but in fact it’s a carefully balanced system achieving multiple qualities of goodness that you wouldn’t think possible in so few rules. In packing it all in there, he makes it easy to use, efficient, but also very sensitive to changes. You can’t randomly tweak a Forster system, because most changes make it worse.” Alan Baljeu.

“I can’t believe some of the lingering tasks I’ve managed to cross off! FV has been resounding success so far… FV has been very effective for me at getting to those important projects that I regularly want to focus on… It is really perfect!” Bernie.

It force me to take action on items that had languished forever and I got done all my urgent new tasks. It just feels right.” MartyH.

I feel as if I am getting more living done in each 24-hour period. I can’t say it’s fun, but I am facing challenges head-on that I tried to avoid in the past. Thank you, Mark, for giving me more life.” Moises.

I’ve now been using FV for nearly five days and can honestly say that the dreaded resistance has shown no sign of rearing its ugly head yet. So far, I’m impressed without measure by Final Version! It’s beautiful in its simplicity and a joy in its application. Thank you, Mark!.” Neil Cumming.

I LOVE the new FV. It allows for getting tasks done, working through the list and those I have been procrastinating (this is by always putting a dot on the first item on the list.) AND getting things done I have more passion about.” Lydia.

“… it truly is an elegant and ingenious system. It is a great achievement. Congratulations!” Mike D.

The new system is awesome.” Christopher.

“I have tested almost all Mark systems since Autofocus 1, electronically and not, and I must admit they all crumbled in less than 3 months. So it may be a little too soon to praise FV since I began yesterday but I remarked very interesting things.
- I really feel like really MANAGING my time and being on top of it (while I always felt lost, fearing of missing things with other systems)
- The process is fun! Creating chains is fun! Because you always put fun tasks before the hard ones. And the genius of it is that when you have done 3 or 4 easy tasks and you have only this ugly last task to do to finish the chain, YOU FINALLY DO IT! Or at least a little, and without too much resistance since you want to create another chain quickly! Brilliant.
- This is very simple to use(the AF systems were apparently simple but weren’t), and it helps to solve procrastination and priority problems efficently!
I can say I love this system, and since I don’t feel resistance to use it, it looks like a sustainable one (which is the main problem of all the systems I used until now). A system should work on autopilot, and don’t ask for willpower to be maintained (like forcing weekly reviews you know…)
I hope I will say the same thing in a few months.” isd