Staying in Pull Mode
Monday, June 6, 2011 at 21:20
Mark Forster in Articles, Dreams

For those who set out on the “Dreams” path of Pull Mode (to be pulled towards one’s vision) the biggest difficulty is to keep from falling into Drift Mode.

The difficulty is so great because Pull Mode and Drift Mode appear superficially similar. In both we do what we feel like doing. The difference is that in Pull Mode our feelings are leading us towards our vision. while in Drift Mode our feelings are leading us nowhere in particular.

It’s therefore very important to be able to tell when one is in Drift Mode and to know how to get back into Pull Mode.

Here’s an extract from one of my own Dialogues which deals with this question:

Q. I’m feeling a bit discouraged today because i seem to have spent most of today so far in Drift Mode.

A. Do you have any ideas as to why that might be?

Q. I don’t know. I guess the difference is the vision, but how do I keep my eye on the vision?

A. Your aim is to follow your feelings. What happens to your feelings in Drift Mode?

Q. I feel frustrated, aimless, sometimes bored as well.

A. So you don’t feel good?

Q. No. I know what you’re getting at. I should use a question like “How Good Do You Feel?” That would be a good way to identify when I’m in Drift Mode, wouldn’t it?

A. I think so. Are there any other ways that you can think of?

Q. Yes, I think Drift Mode brings resistance. So maybe the “What am I resisting?” would work too. Is there anything else?

A. Maybe you could identify those negative emotions directly.

Q. On the other hand, perhaps I am just not very good at doing what I feel like when I feel like it. Do you think that one solution might simply be to accept my feelings?

A. So, “It’s fine that I’m feeling frustrated/aimless/bored. I’ll let it lift when it feels like doing so”?

Q. Yes, that goes with the basic Pull Mode attitude: “I’ll do it when I feel like doing it and not before”.

A. I think you want to keep away from having to give answers to questions like “What am I resisting?” as far as Pull Mode is concerned. The whole idea is to have freedom.

Q. What about a question I don’t actually have to give an answer to like “Is this what I want to be doing?” All I have to do is let my behaviour modify itself in response to the question.

A. I like the sound of that. Try it out - that’s the only way to find out if it works.

Q. Or would it be better as “Is this what I feel like doing?”

A. There’s only one way to find out, but my money is on “want” rather than “feel”. It lifts you up above your feelings to the vision. That’s my theory, but it’s only a theory as yet.

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