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Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 18:38
Mark Forster in Articles

Here’s the answer to the question I posed in my previous post.

It’s the method described at

I hope I didn’t mislead people too much by saying it wasn’t one of the Autofocus systems. I don’t think of it as an Autofocus system and it doesn’t bear an official AF series number, but I see it was originally part of a discussion on possible AF variations. The name I usually give this to myself is The Bounce for reasons which are obvious if you read the instructions. I keep track of the direction I am going in by using a caret or upside down caret in place of a dot when selecting a task.

I had it in mind that I had written more about this somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t find it. Kudos to anyone who can find some other references.

And it’s still working really well with 68 active tasks on my current list.

Pages are not relevant to the actual mechanics of the method, but they are useful to see what sort of spread the system gives. I’m using a standard Moleskine notebook with 31 lines to the page. I started with a fresh list so only this method has been used on it.

Active tasks per page:

Page 1 0

Page 2 0

Page 3 0

Page 4 5

Page 5 13

Page 6 2

Page 7 9

Page 8 11 (including this one)

Page 9 20

Page 10 8 (out of 8)

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