Entries for the Lenten Challenge
Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 10:44
Mark Forster
Here is the list of entrants as far as I am aware of them from the Comments to the last two posts. Please notify me of any mistakes, omissions or amendments in the Comments.
Austin               Own system (notebook reviews)
Brenda              DIT
Caibre65            The Bounce (modified)
Chris Cooper      The Bounce
Christian G.       Own system (five tasks)
Christopher       DIT
Colin                 DIT
Cricket              ToodleDo
Dino                  DIT
Don R                Own system (minimal steps)
Eiron                 Own system
Eugenia             (Added Mar 5) Basic scanning
Frank                FVP
Griffen               The Bounce (modified)
james220          FV
Jupiter              (Added Mar 5) Own system (Jane Wesman/AF2)
Kiwi Eric            AF1
Lenore              DIT
Leon                 The Bounce (modified)
Margaret1         The Bounce
Mark Forster      FVP
nuntym             FAF
Ryan Freckleton AF4
Seraphim           DIT with Theory of Constraints
stefanb              (Added March 3rd) AF1 modified.
Terry                 Basic scanning
Tobba                The Bounce
Tommy              (Added Mar 5) DIT
tomcal               FVP
vegheadjones     FAF or The Bounce
I’ve received only one idea for a prize so far, but as it would cost me far too much in the way of time to produce unfortunately I’ve had to rule it out.
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