No Question FVP
Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 6:49
Mark Forster in Articles, FVP

Here’s the system I’m using at the moment, which I’m finding works very well so far.

As the name suggests, it’s basically FVP without the questions.

As in FVP the first task on the list is always dotted.

You scan the list by dotting what stands out. As in FVP you then move backwards through the list to action the tasks.

When you have taken action on a task, you scan from that task to the end of the list without bothering to look at the preceding dotted task. When no tasks stand out you then go back to the preceding dotted task and do that.

In other words the basic algorithm is exactly the same as in FVP - but without asking any questions.

The great advantage over FVP is that the system itself requires hardly any mental effort. This makes it much faster and easier. And since the basis for selection is “standing out” there is little or no resistence to the tasks themselves.

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