High Volume, High Speed, Low Resistance - 5
Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 11:46
Mark Forster in Articles, long list

Very much to my surprise I found that simple scanning (i.e. going round and round the list doing whatever stands out) actually produced just as good results as the new idea I was supposed to be testing. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised as one of my contentions has been that it’s the psychological attitude that counts as much as the system itself.

Simple scanning does have two major disadvantages though: 

  1. The list tends to grow uncontrollably
  2. It gets spread over a large number of pages if one’s using a notebook and pencil/pen. 

So over the last week I’ve been working on how I could improve these aspects of simple scanning. I think I’ve succeeded - though it needs some further testing.

Here are the stats for the short period (4.5 days) I’ve been using it. I started a new list for the test wth 31 tasks to the page.

The first column shows the page, the second the number of tasks remaining as of this moment:

1 - 0

2 - 0

3 - 0

4 - 0

5 - 0

6 - 0

7 - 0

8 - 0

9 - 4

10 - 15

11 - 21

12 - 2 (of 2)

So in 4.5 days I have actioned 343 tasks, with 42 remaining.

More details soon!

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