She's only just got started
Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 23:52
Mark Forster
Here’s an update from my daughter in Australia, posted with her permission, (not the same daughter who did the Bridgathon in London with me two years ago). It’s very relevant to my recently reposted article “Feeling Good”

In just over two months’ time we will be moving again, the third time in nine months. This will be the last time hopefully for at least thirty or more years, as we have found our forever home. Only a couple of kilometres away from where we are currently living.
Twenty one acres, house set up on a hill looking over a valley, log cabin style with verandas (but well built and well-insulated!). Creek running through it with trout fishing, powered entertainment area down on the creek, comes with a separate fully self-contained guest house. Orchard, space for animals, and some bush/forest perfect for motorbike tracks. All for a price we can easily afford.
I totally believe all this amazing stuff that keeps on happening in our lives comes from that one decision back in January 2016 to just be happy. Because I wasn’t, I was very very far from it back then. I decided not to wait for circumstances to change before I could find happiness, but to find happiness despite everything being far from perfect, and then I found that all my circumstances changed for the better as a result. And despite things not always being easy, always always returning to that decision to be happy no matter what. Even in the darkest times when I was terrified that my own dad was going to die, to choose to find it in the smallest of things and to express my gratitude every single day.
In the eighteen or so months since then, I’ve lost weight but become totally comfortable in my body regardless of how much weight I’m carrying, I’ve more than tripled my income, my family’s health has improved out of sight, my dad has been diagnosed with cancer again, struggled through gruelling treatment, been paralysed in his legs and arms, given up treatment long before the end, but come out the other side and made a recovery nothing short of miraculous (achieving 10,000 steps the other day!), sold our house in three weeks in a town where nothing else had sold for years, moved states, made amazing new connections and friendships, built two successful businesses that I love, somehow managed to persuade a bank to give us a mortgage despite being self-employed without an income from my husband, and no qualifying income from the previous two years! Moved into the most amazing new shop, and found our forever home.
You might look at my life and feel jealousy or resentment or think that I’m just a lucky bitch who got great opportunities, but I’m telling you, it all came with a change of attitude, and a refusal to go back to the previous negative, pessimistic attitude, no matter what. My life might not appeal to you at all, but you have the capacity to built exactly the life that’s right for you, no matter what your current circumstances.
Now to just wait for settlement and moving in day, then we’re off to the Sunshine Coast for a big family holiday. Shit might go wrong, circumstances very well might change, but I’m relaxed in the knowledge that I can handle it no matter what, and in the long run, those apparently negative things will lead to even better things. And you better believe there’s better things coming because really, I’ve only just got started. 
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