Lenten Challenge 2019 - for your diary
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 14:43
Mark Forster

We intend to run our traditional Lenten Challenge this year.

The idea is to commit yourself to using the same time management method every day for the whole of Lent without changing to a different method. 

This year Lent runs from Wednesday March 6th to Thursday April 18th inclusive.

If you wish, you may leave out non-working days if you do not normally use a time management method at home. You should be consistent about this though.

This is not intended to imply any religious affiliation or purpose whatsoever.

As far as I can remember, only a very few people have ever succeeded in completing this challenge. Let’s make 2019 different!

You can sign in for the Challenge any time before the start of Lent (your local time). All you need to give is your screen name and the system you intend to use. You can use your own system if you like. You can change the system you’re going to use right up to the start of the Challenge. If you change it after the start of the Challenge you’ve failed!


The whole point of the Challenge is that it is an exercise in consistency, i.e. sticking to the same thing for a set period of time. So to play fairly you should get your system in as good shape as possible before the start of the Challenge, but then keep further modifications until the Challenge is over (or you’ve pulled out, whichever is first).


Those signed up so far:

Myself - Halving

vegheadjones - The Bounce

nuntym - Task Tracking Light

avrum - Daily-Weekly Narrative

Seraphim - Serial No-List

Divyana Adwani - Google Ecosystem

Will - Simple Scanning

Mike Brown - Serial No-List

Gadgets - Fast FVP

Colin - Simple Scanning

Paul B - ASEM

Ville - Simple Scanning

teckwyn - Randomizer

MrBacklog - ABC simple scanning batching

TMac - Simple Scanning

Laby - Serial No-List, the Bounce and Picture of the Day Combo

Eiron Page - Productivity Bingo

Natalia - 4x2

Brenda - DIT (Do It Tomorrow) and Dreams book Combo

Jacqueline - Method to be confirmed

Eugenia - Simple Scanning

Fintan - DIT

bryane - AF2/Deep Work Combo

Paul MacNeil - Time Surfing

Andreas Vlach - Own system

Jordan Navarrete - AF4

adam - Simple Scanning

Pablo - Dreams

Caibre65 - Own Method

Alan Baljeu - Serial No-List

stefanb - AF1

Nia - Burner List

Cricket - Every-Other-Day

Clarablanco - AF2

Bence - AF2

flight16 - One-A-Day Randomizer

tomcal - Serial No-List

Ryan Freckleton - AF4 modified

KMac - Dalo

Cameron - Simple Scanning

Stuart Tattum - Weekly & Daily MVPs

Emma-Rae - Simple Scanning

Sitkeys - Own System

Jens - 5T

Dino - Halving

avrum - Own System

Mario - AF1

Christopher - DIT

Diana - Simple Scanning

Nordwind - T7P10 (Own System)

Leon - Own System

Silvia - AF4-3T

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