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Discussion Forum > Minimal steps system for Lent

I got a 500 error twice when trying to post this on the Blog post, so I'll try here.

When you first mentioned sticking to one system for Lent, FVP was my first thought, but on Tuesday under the influence of this challenge and after feeling very guilty for procrastinating, I decided to use the following approach instead because I decided I need to make small steps to move forward:

Create 2 different types of pages as needed in a notebook (when you need a new page just flip to the next blank page and label it with the type):

Capture pages: write down items just like AF1. I think of whatever completes the sentence "I need to..."

Processing pages: using the capture pages as a feeder list choose an item, or choose something urgent that isn't on a list if you need to. Write it down on the processing page and then cross it off the capture list. Indent, and write a small step you need to do for this item. You can write multiple items if you know multiple steps you want to do on this project. If one of those steps needs to be broken down into tiny steps as well, indent further.

The steps on the processing page can also serve as notes. In that case I have been doing it like "item: data". For examples I am looking at a computer and need its IP address so I'll write "ip: 10.x.x.x" (whatever the actual IP is). I'll cross it out because it's "done" but I can still read it.

The processing pages ends up as a chronological list of what you are doing. If the project has to be stopped to be worked on later, the last unfinished item(s) or followups can be left (not crossed out) as a reminder for later.

So far I have been so much more productive (although it's too early to say). I think fundamentally it is about choosing one thing to focus on for now and breaking it down into small pieces.

I'm thinking the pending items on the processing page will just serve the same purpose as Capture page items. I'll select them as needed and start working on them at the bottom of the last Processing page.

My boss mentioned I could probably do the same thing with kanbanflow which allows for one level of sub-tasks on a card (and my two page types are sort of like 2 columns on the kanban) but I'm gonna stick with paper. I like how the processing page ends up being in chronological order.

So this is what I'll stick with although I may need to add to it slightly.
March 2, 2017 at 7:06 | Unregistered CommenterDon R
I seem to have stopped referring to the list at all, just making note of things as I do them, and breaking them down to smaller steps if it's a very complicated task. At this point I would normally be tempted to start a new system on the next page. In other words, the situation I typically get into after a while of a system (except no list because you start fresh every day anyway).
March 16, 2017 at 20:57 | Unregistered CommenterDon R