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Discussion Forum > How Can I make the list more manageable and follow my goals ?

I use AF2 and JW method in a way I explained here

There is a difficulty I encountered since AF1. It is the huge increasement of my list. A long open list is perfect for me. In a way it helps me to follow, review and act on all aspects of my life. I can also report goals and bigs rocks at a certain day and so it is easy to follow them.

The main trouble begins when the lis increased. 2 pages are ok over it becomes difficult to focus on.

I found one way to avoir dispersion and force me to stay focus on my core goals ie making a kind of eisenhower list where in report only but the projects. So I can easely follow them and see the advancement of each of them. As they are grouped they are easy to be reviewed. It is very different when they are in the list itself. As I can't see them at a glance I have difficulties to make a good focus on what is important and it is difficult to obtain the results I wish.

How do you fix that ? How do you try to focus on what is important on your list or your goals ?

Best regards.
March 8, 2017 at 18:18 | Unregistered Commenterjupiter
If it was a simple list I would have said to use Flexible Autofocus instead of AF2. FAF is just as effective as AF2 with urgent items but it is much more effective with non-urgent ones. Furthermore, it has the "clumping effect": items of the same context/difficulty/time constraints tend over time to be in the same page because of how the selection process works. The system therefore prioritizes itself over time.

I don't know how you can apply that to your combined system though.
March 9, 2017 at 20:26 | Registered Commenternuntym
@Nuntym Hi thanks for answering. I tried the method flexible AF today as I did not know it and it is interesting. I am still learning some rules. Yes it is very efficient. It reminds me AF4 which was a great system for me but has some trouble with me.
March 10, 2017 at 15:59 | Unregistered Commenterjupiter
Hello again Jupiter.

After thinking about it the "Bounce" system might work better for you. Like FAF, it works equally well on urgent as well as non-urgent items. It also has an innate prioritizing function like FAF but it is faster as you do not have to wait for the system to "clump" the items. It also does not look at individual pages but works with the whole list. You therefore can use this on your notebook and do not need to have a separate list. Finally, it works better with new lists, which happens every week with your system.

You can try this after you have tried FAF for quite a while and see whichever suits you best.
March 10, 2017 at 17:24 | Registered Commenternuntym