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Discussion Forum > Multiple Time Frames

The biggest problem with systems where you pre-select tasks is the time frame.

Sooner or later, the pre-selected set is no longer relevant, especially if it's large.

One way around this, which I think will work in systems with multiple passes (like Halving or Most Important on the Page) is to use a different time frame for each pass.

For the first pass, use a longer time frame and think importance. For the final pass, use a short time frame and think urgency.

(Yes, I typed and edited and re-edited a multi-time-frame system for MIPP. Then I realized it needed still more editing, and looked at the time.)

In theory, if it's not important in the long term, it's also not important in the short-term. Therefore, at the end of the shortest time-frame, the dots from the next pass up are still valid. You only have to consider those for the current pass.

I question, though, if this is accurate enough to rely on.

1. Priorities change. If a project that you know is only mid-importance has an urgent task, you'll probably rank that task high for now, until the entire project is dropped.

2. Sometimes I don't think far enough ahead. For example, Present Self is ambivalent about exercising. Next Hour Self agrees. She doesn't want to be all sweaty and tired. Two Hours Self also agrees. Just think of all the useful things you could do instead! Even Next Week Self agrees. There are many other days this week to exercise, and some of them might be sunny enough to go outside, which also helps me with sunlight and socializing and variety in muscle use and cleaner air and good chemicals from plants.

Far Future Self finally weighs in. Establishing and maintaining the exercise habit requires getting on that treadmill ASAP.

(This of which Future Self to consult also affects systems without pre-selection.)
March 12, 2017 at 0:29 | Registered CommenterCricket