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Discussion Forum > Just Get Out the Folder -- Teenage Job Search Edition

My son has ADHD and probably Aspergers. He definitely has the social anxiety that often goes with AS.

Getting a temporary job (he starts school again mid-August) was shrunk to deliver resumes, especially to places that won't hire him. Practice with them.

Today he finally took a resume to the car rust-proofing place I went to on Monday. He called me from a nearby parking lot where he was sitting for half an hour.

After a chat, he succeeded with the new goal. Take resume to the door and read sign saying it was closed.

I'm one who fought the so-small-it's-laughable level. Turns out it works for both of us.

Another relative has OCD. The therapy is find a goal that is only level 2 scary, out of 10. Sometimes those goals are extremely tiny.

Thanks Mark!
April 26, 2017 at 22:04 | Registered CommenterCricket