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Discussion Forum > Alternate Measurements: Impact, Window, and Investment

From Asian Efficiency's series on Agile Results.

"The process for planning months is similar to that for days and weeks. You start by listing your desired outcomes, and then you prioritize based on impact and window. Impact is how much value or effect achieving this outcome will have in your life. Window is about windows of opportunity, which can be limited – there will be certain things that if you miss them, never recur again."

These measurements make sense to me, but I think we need to add Investment to complete the picture..

Impact: If something has low impact, why bother? It won't change anything. Mowing your lawn more often than necessary has low impact. Beware of defining impact too narrowly. Time spent recharging has a very high impact.

Window: How likely are you to meet the window? What will the impact be if you miss it? Do you need to adjust your plans or definition of "done" so you can meet it? Or stop investing now, so you can invest in something else?

Investment: This is my addition. It includes time, money, and all other resources. Investing an hour every week in ironing the bedsheets has no impact for me. It's a waste of my resources (It did have an impact for my grandmother, who questioned my mother's wisdom in buying new-fangled perma-press sheets.)
June 5, 2017 at 19:20 | Registered CommenterCricket