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Discussion Forum > New System: Most Important on the Page (MIP)

Like I said, the Lenten Challenge has made me think of other systems.

0. Start with a long list, divided into sub-lists, such as a catch-all written on paper. (In other words, a typical AF or FV list.)

1. Mark the most important task on each page, and give it a score. Ignore the rest (or at least don't agonize over them). Write the score in the top corner so you can find it easily. (On some pages, this will change often.)

(Important, urgent, standing out most, whatever question works for you.)

2. Do the most important task in the book. (Hint: It will also be the most important task on its page.)

3. Cross out the line. Recurring tasks can be crossed-out and rewritten, or edited in place to show when last done (being sure to remove the mark).

4. Find the new most important task on that page. Mark it, give it a score, and write the score in the top corner (replacing the previous score).

5. Now look through the entire book for the next most important task. This will be fast, since it will be on the page with the highest number in the corner.

6. Repeat from 2.
March 12, 2017 at 0:15 | Registered CommenterCricket