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The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. John Locke
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This site contains a vast number of experimental time management systems. This page contains links to just about all of them (if you find anymore please let me know in the General Forum). I will be gradually tidying up the descriptions - it’s a long job.

Thanks to the following for helping with the work of finding the links:


Don R

Michael B.




Blog category Review of the Systems

This includes:

Do It Tomorrow (DIT)

Autofocus 1 (AF1)

Autofocus 2 (AF2)

Autofocus 3 (AF3)

Autofocus 4 (AF4)

Predictive To Do List

Day-Week-Month (DWM)


Three Tasks (3T)

AF4 - 3T


AF4 Revised (AF4R)

Final Version and alternative FV:

Spinning Plates:

Remelsbach (a.k.a. “Randomizer” with sliding):


UTMSI (“improved”):



DIT - Do It Tomorrow (book):

AF1 - Autofocus:

AF2 - Autofocus 2:

AF3 - Autofocus 3:

AF4 - Autofocus 4:

Predictive To Do List:

DWM - Day, Week, Month:

DWM2 - Day, Week, Month 2 (link to a comment):

3T - Three Task method:

AF4-3T - Three Task method fed by an AF4 list:


AF4R - AutoFocus 4 Revised:

SFv3 - SuperFocus (Third Revision):

(Also, a number of SuperFocus tips here: )

The Georgette Heyer Task Management System:

Colley’s Rule and the Resistance Principle:
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Jefferson Nickel:

“A Simple and Powerful Method:”

Reverse AF2:

“Dreams” :


No-List Systems

Full List of No-List Systems