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Discussion Forum > Things I like about RAF, p.3: Rewards

The best thing about working with lists is of course the rewarding moments they provide.

Crossing of items! Marking a page as “done”! Striking-trough, erasing, highlighting, ticking-off, counting the points!

It’s like when that unwelcome guest leaves already and you can close the door behind them!

Beeing the king in your own little economy of endeavour and self-chastisment.

I don’t know it RAF is the best system in respect to those rewards, but it is pretty good an I like it a lot!

First, everyday when you prolong the line to close the DDD-list, you will see if you even have to go through a DDD-routine today. If not, this is (likely) because you worked well the day before. You could clear everything so no left-overs behind the line.

This means, RAF has the potential to start the day with a big reward for you!

The "at gun-point" operation as previously mentioned is completely optional, it largely depends on whether you wrote down too mayn pipe-dreams or worked too slowly. If you worked well, it leaves you alone.

In any case, there is this inbuilt goal, that is motivating all the way of working the list well, so that the DDD moment will be shorter.

When you finish for the day, you draw the short line.

This means, now you have time to play. I like this clear-cut division of labour and play and I like that it is based on the list and not some more arbitrary value like for example what the clock says.

So everyday there is this structure of when you finished DDD, when you finished work. While the list is not a closed-list, it still has this feature of the cloesed-list, which is so popular with DIT.

Because it closes the day for you, because you close the list.

The pages are ordered. With some Autofocus lists you have some early pages still active while at the same time a pretty recent page is already done. The pages spread problem.

This bothered me, not only because it can slow down your traversal through the lists, but also because I want to enjoy the haptic experience that using a well manufactured notebook provides. With RAF it is a nice wandering through the notebook, page by page, as you leave the finished pages behind you to never to return.

In order to avoid a too long DDD the next day, you are motivated to work on the oldest tasks first, but without a rigid rule that created problems with the “hotties” at the end of the list.

Even the scheduled items that come back to the list can act as a reward. If the schedule is done well, they come at roughly the right moment to inspire and instigate creativity!

(Instead of overwhelming a catch-all list into unmanageable size or breaking a GTD system to the point were a dedicated app can’t even sort it out.)

What other rewards using RAF can you think of?
September 13, 2017 at 5:09 | Unregistered CommenterChristopher