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Discussion Forum > How I handle "Come back in a year".

First, I ask how far in advance they can book appointments.

Then, I add to my calendar, on the first date I can call back, "appt, Dr X, 2017-11 + 1yr". That means "On this date, call Dr X, and ask for an appointment." 2017-11 is the last visit. +1yr is how long between visits -- important for insurance.

I add "get lab forms" if I need tests before the visit, and the lab won't accept ones written now. (The Dr's office usually calls me about the forms a week before -- after I've planned my week.)

That way, I'm one of the first in the book, and have lots of choice.

I prefer to say, "Joe, don't plan the meeting for Monday, I have an appointment," than "Joe, please move Monday's meeting. It's the only spot the doctor had."
November 28, 2017 at 19:28 | Registered CommenterCricket