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FV and FVP Forum > Toodledo for FVP works great (future tasks hidden, repeating tasks no prob!)

For anyone who's interested, FVP can be implemented in Toodledo easily (Free or Pro Versions: will work with either as it only needs two sorts).

One thing I love about Toodledo is when you enable "Start Date", anything that is in the future can be set to remain hidden until the appropriate day. By sorting first by Start Date, then by Date Added, new tasks will show up at the bottom of the list, where they should be for FVP, when they reach their Start Date. This also works very well with repeating tasks because if you leave Toodledo's "Due Date" field disabled, it just repeats by Start Date anyway.

So you can have a perfectly canonical FVP system, and at the same time keep the automated ease and power of future Start-Dated tasks (to keep your visible list shorter) and repeating tasks.

As for due dates, I just write them in the task itself. You can use: DUE such-and-such a date, or, as I do, at the end of the task, e.g., <<2015/12/28\Mon\T1630. I like the "<<" symbols, because that way I can set up a Toodledo saved search or just do a quick search for those characters and see everything that has a Due Date. You can also set up a bunch of useful saved searches in Toodledo and use them on the iOS app (but not Android, as of yet: other than saved searches, the Android app is fully capable and can be used for FVP, no problem!).

For "dots" I use Toodled's stars, of course. In settings, I select the "behavior" of having them automatically unstarred when checked off. That's useful so repeating tasks don't stay starred for no good reason after you complete them.

Anyhow, Toodledo does FVP very well, if you want to give it a try. And FVP is so simple, I'm sure many other task managers or just plane (pun intended) paper do the job.
December 13, 2015 at 9:32 | Unregistered CommenterChristoph Dollis
That sounds pretty nice! I really like being able to defer items to the future so that they don't clutter my list.

I've done that on paper simply by writing those tasks 1-3 pages ahead -- they aren't "activated" till my list catches up to that point in the notebook. This has worked pretty well, but sometimes isn't precise enough.

So I bought a 2016 daily Moleskine notebook ( ) and will give that a try for my FVP list. The idea is to enter future-start tasks on the date when they start. And then every day, start working at the end of the list, or today's dated page, whichever is later.

I've hesitated to use this approach in the past because many days I easily add 2-3 new pages of stuff as I work through my list. But over time, I've found it averages out to less than 1 page per day, so maybe this will work.
December 13, 2015 at 13:25 | Registered CommenterSeraphim
**Forget what I said above! Toodledo doesn't, so far as I've been able to configure it, sort as well as I wish it did. Sometimes the web app and the mobile app's sorting don't match despite identical settings. And I can't, despite what I said above, get future start-dated tasks to sort into the list correctly.**

However, I'm using Wunderlist and it's easy to configure it to be ***PERFECT*** for FVP. I highly recommend trying it if you want an electronic list (Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Web app, iOS app, Android).
December 15, 2015 at 9:10 | Unregistered CommenterChristoph Dollis
This is probably a good time and place to reveal that I've spent the last month or so experimenting with a hybrid of FVP and DWM. (I frequently found myself "stuck" at the end of the list with repeating or ongoing tasks, while the beginning of the list got staler and staler.) This means also that I do often write tasks down based on the date I want to start thinking about them - however far in the future that may be.

1) Enter tasks according to the rules of DWM (
2) Process tasks according to the rules of FVP.

So far it's working pretty well - list size is fairly stable (given the boom-and-bust nature of my work, anyway) and I'm making it back to the top of the list much more often than before (generally my first page isn't due to expire for a couple of days - today, for example, my first page is dated Dec 17 and only has one open task; the Dec 18 page is closed already, and there's only one open task on the Dec 19 page).

I'll try to give y'all a more complete write-up of it after the first of the year.
December 16, 2015 at 16:32 | Unregistered CommenterSarah