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FV and FVP Forum > Combining FVP and "Clarity, Certainty,┬áConfidence"

Recently I was able to formulate my personal best general method for doing things using the concept of "Clarity, Certainty, Confidence". That is,

- Be clear about my goals
- Be certain of the pertinent truths and steps towards those goals
- Be confident because I have made the best preparations towards those goals

I thought of using this concept for FVP, and I found that they mesh well.

Step 1: Clarity

Determine a goal that you want to use your FVP list with. For example:

- I want to do things before I leave at 11am.
- I want to clean my room.
- I want to push this project forward today.
- I have a whole day for myself today; I want to be productive!

Step 2: Certainty

1. Create a question that contains the word "certain" or "certainly" that addresses the goal you have decided. Using the examples above these questions could be:

- What am I certain to do before I leave at 11am?
- What will certainly help me clean my room?
- What will certainly push my project forward?
- What am I certain to do today?

2. From the top of your list, scan down and select the first task that answers your question. Mark it with an x.

Step 3: Confidence

From the task you marked with an x, process the list down as you would in FVP "No Question", selecting tasks with heavy dots. You do not need to repeat the question or make a new question to select the next tasks of the chain because the goal and the first task are already guiding you in choosing the next tasks.

Once you have done the first task and you want/need to do more work on the same goal, go back to Step 2 number 2. Otherwise, go back to Step 1.
December 3, 2016 at 9:26 | Registered Commenternuntym