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First published in September 2000, Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play spent a long time in the Top 100 Best Sellers list, even rising to 4th position at one stage. I am constantly receiving e-mails from people who say it has changed their life!

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“ Hi Mark. I read ‘Get Everything Done’ and thought it was brilliant! I’m employing some of the techniques and can already feel a significant weight lifting from my shoulders. I look forward to gaining even more useful insights via your newsletters - thank you. ” Paul Hutchings, Cottonwood Speakers

“ I’ve just finished reading your ‘How to Get Everything Done’. Thanks for some brilliant ideas which are already having a real effect on my life. Want to tell all my suffering friends about it! ” Jeff Phelps

“ Just a thanks from Italy for the excellent book, in this age of craziness a note of sanity. I am an English engineer in a pharmaceutical company near Milan working very hard to change bad working habits and overcome resistance with work and family problems. Your work has been the first set of methods that have made some difference. ” Gordon Dennison

“ A short note to let you know that I’ve just finished reading your book ‘Get Everything Done…’ - and found it really useful. It has already helped me to action ‘high resistance’ items which I would otherwise have put aside in favour of something which was more in my comfort zone. As I have recently started my own consultancy business, this is so important in getting things up and running. ” Peter Whittle, Change Equations.

“ I was blown away by Get Everything Done’s incisiveness and innovative approaches. All my previous management tools (to-do lists and priorities etc) have now been dumped. Instead I now try to focus on short bursts and halving to get things moving. Early days yet, but it cleared a huge project that had stalled for some time in just two weeks - and the stress subsided too! ” Stephen Lawrence

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