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There’s a danger when people start a new time management system that they have a tremendous amount of success at it over the first few days. This then causes them to add more and more projects and tasks with the result that the system collapses. A time management system is there to help you get your work done in as easy and efficient manner as possible - what it can’t do is help you to get more work done than you can possibly do in the time available.

So if you find that FV isn’t working for you don’t just throw it out and start on a fruitless search for the next system. Have a look at why it’s going wrong.

1) Are you actually doing what it says in the instructions? These were very carefully though out and are the fruit of much experimentation. So re-read them and make sure you are doing it right.

2) Have you overloaded the system after the first rush of enthusiasm? Read the previous FAQ “How Can I Diagnose Why I’m Falling Behind” for some pointers.

3) Do I need a break? If you’ve been working very long hours you may just get to the point where you can’t face any more work. It’s easy to blame the system at that stage. So just take a break of a few hours, or overnight and you may find it works much better afterwards.

If you’ve try all the above and the system still doesn’t seem right for you, then it probably isn’t. But it’s still a good idea to try to identify what about it is wrong for you in order to help you to find a better system for you.

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