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Discussion Forum > DWM.xls - New Version 1.10


I don't know if anyone is still using it (moises?) , but there's a new version.

The new features are:

Mark the current task as complete, and create a new one with the same description at the end of the list. Not to be confused with “Re-enter”, this is a new task, with its own creation date.
I use this feature for recurrent tasks.

“Quick Add” (I'm running out of shortcuts). This is an alternative way for adding a new task. Instead of moving the cursor to the end of the list, a pop-up window will be shown. After inputting the description and pressing OK the task will be added but the cursor will stay in the current position.
This is useful when working through the list, because it avoids the trouble to return to the previous position after adding the new task.

Download links:

Excel file:

Quick guide:

If you have any trouble downloading the files or find a bug please let me know.

Remember: To import your old tasks, rename you current file to DMW_OLD.xls, and place it in the same directory as the new one. When opening it, you will be asked if you want to import.
And of course, backup your old file before proceeding.

July 12, 2010 at 9:58 | Unregistered CommenterWalter

Just a note to let you know that YES, I am still using DWM.xls.

I don't know if I will have time today to work with your new version. But I welcome it, as both features seem as if they would enhance my experience.

July 12, 2010 at 13:39 | Unregistered Commentermoises
I certainly use it, or at least a version I've tweaked to go rather faster, to the extent that I was recently bereft when my computer's (fancy solid state) disk expired and ate it. I've recovered the list after much effort.
July 12, 2010 at 18:20 | Unregistered CommenterDavid C
I posted a small fix: Expiration lines weren't redrawn automatically after adding tasks with Ctrl-Alt-Q

Download Link:
July 13, 2010 at 10:03 | Unregistered CommenterWalter

I downloaded the new version and tested it for only a few minutes.

1. I couldn't get the import to work, though I tried repeatedly. This was not a big problem, since I just copied and pasted from the old version.

2. Regarding Ctrl-Shift-E, it will take some time for me to adjust to this. I am accustomed to my recurrent tasks appearing at today + 7 days. Now they appear at today + 1 month. I understand that you did this to be compliant with Mark's rules, but it will take some time to adjust to this. I'll probably have adjusted by the end of today.

3. Ctrl-Shift-Q is a great idea. It will be especially helpful when I am reviewing my DWM list.

Just as a note, you have inspired me to study Excel VBA. I haven't gotten very far, but I have started. I live in your DWM tool all day, every day. It is extraordinarily powerful.

Thanks again.
July 13, 2010 at 14:09 | Unregistered Commentermoises
Walter, I've been using DWM.xls v1 till now. This version is fantastic. Thanks.
July 14, 2010 at 16:40 | Unregistered CommenterChris Cooper
Hi moises,

If I remember correctly, you are saving in Excel 2007's format.
I forgot to add support for that. I just have to adjust the import routine to detect that case.

Ctrl-Shift-E: I used to use "reenter" as well, only that most of them times, one week was too short a time, and it annoyed me. This way, they receive a regular task's chance.

Ctrl-Shit-Q: I started to use it all the time, from the first time I tried it. Feels so much better.
Notice that there's a notification in the status bar to confirm that the task was added.

Chris, I'm glad you like this version. Thanks!

July 15, 2010 at 13:36 | Unregistered CommenterWalter
Just a note to say I've been following your DWM.xls threads for some time. And I've just added "Test DWM.xls in Excel 2000 and OOo Calc 3.2" to my AFAHK DWM list. If it works well in OOo Calc 3.2 VBA support, I'll be surely tempted to give DWM.xls a try. ;-)
sabre23t =^.^=
July 16, 2010 at 2:54 | Unregistered Commentersabre23t
OpenOffice supports VBA?? That would be great news! I love OO.

It works with Excel 2000 for sure, because that is the version that I have at home.
July 16, 2010 at 7:53 | Unregistered CommenterWalter
Me too Walter, have used your excel tool for DWM from almost day one.

I have moved several times between AF and DWM and finally setlled on DWM. Somehow, with AF it was always paper, and with DWM, your software fits like a glove.

Thanks so much for the improvements, they are awesome!
July 16, 2010 at 16:56 | Unregistered CommenterJD
@ Walter


An excellent description of what Mark's systems do so well.
July 20, 2010 at 16:27 | Unregistered CommenterRichard C
Has anyone tried to use this in OpenOffice?

I just tried it but when I add a description and hit enter, nothing shows up in the other fields, no automatic expiry etc.

OpenOffice supports macros but maybe not the newest version? I am using the latest OpenOffice, it's a free version that supports just about everything that MS Office has. It's quite nice, check it out at

If I knew more about excel/macros, I would port it to OpenOffice for others.
July 21, 2010 at 4:59 | Unregistered CommenterJim R
Has anyone tried to use this in OpenOffice?

I just tried it but when I add a description and hit enter, nothing shows up in the other fields, no automatic expiry etc.

OpenOffice supports macros but maybe not the newest version of Excel? I am using the latest OpenOffice, it's a free version that supports just about everything that MS Office has. It's quite nice, check it out at

If I knew more about excel/macros, I would port it to OpenOffice for others.
July 21, 2010 at 5:00 | Unregistered CommenterJim R
> @ Walter
> "Ctrl-Shit-Q"

Why do things like this happen to me? :-(
July 21, 2010 at 8:29 | Unregistered CommenterWalter

I checked it with OpenOffice and it doesn't work without changes.
It's true that the latest versions support VBA, but it definitely requires some work (maybe a lot).
July 21, 2010 at 8:36 | Unregistered CommenterWalter

Bummer, thanks for checking.
July 28, 2010 at 20:26 | Unregistered CommenterJim R
Walter, I've been using this for a few days now and my productivity is still benefitting from the 'new toy' effect. I've made one small change, useful for beginners like me, which is to note the short cuts in the Configuration tab. E.g. Ctrl-Shift-C: Mark task as done.
August 18, 2010 at 18:30 | Unregistered CommenterPeter R
Hi Walter, Thanks for sharing....!! This is great I love the Ctrl-Shift-E and the slow response I had with Excel 2007 has gone. Now I just have to get on with all the tasks in my list.....
August 30, 2010 at 12:57 | Unregistered CommenterKirstie
Hi Walter,
Just posting to say today is my first full day using DWM.xls. Spent a few hours yesterday manually cut/paste/transform AFAHK's task.txt into DWM.xls, about 70+ tasks. Now I'm working on about 50 open tasks, since 20 expired this morning. I like that resurrecting (ctrl-R) an expired task will put it to expire today (not today+7). ;-}
Will explore the VBA later with view of possibly making it work in OOo/LO Calc, hopefully.
October 18, 2010 at 7:06 | Registered Commentersabre23t

Since this topic has resurfaced, it gives me an opportunity to thank you again for your great application. It makes my life so much easier.

I did my fair amount of switching between systems. I love using paper but can't stand the mess of it. And I checked many electronic applications and couldn't stick to them either.

DMW.xls is simple, adhering to Mark's rules so i don't need to think about them, but at the same time it's flexible enough so I can put on another layer of rules according to my needs.
October 19, 2010 at 12:26 | Registered CommenterIlse
I'd like to second Ilse's thoughts. DWM.xls is still going strong for me, too. As Ilse said, it's the digital essence of Mark's ideas: simple and flexible.

I have one at work and one at home.

At home, I almost only use it on weekends. So, I set my recurrence period to 9 days. That way, if the weekend is jam-packed, I have a couple of days' grace to make up missed tasks.
October 19, 2010 at 17:08 | Registered Commentermoises
Hi Ilse and moises. ;-)
Today I learned two more things on using DWM.xls ...
(1) Be sure to have the CAPSLOCK key off. I spent a few minutes figuring out why my computer only beeps at me when I do ctrl-shift-A. Only worked again when I toggled the CAPSLOCK key off.
(2) Use ctrl-shift-A soon after I do ctrl-shift-R or ctrl-shift-C. Else I may lose my place in the list, and have to find the expiry date of the last closed task to relocate my current task place. ctrl-shift-J doesn't help if there is no active task. I'm half thinking of modifying ctrl-shift-R and ctrl-shift-C to automatically do ctrl-shift-A immediately after. Is that a good idea?
October 20, 2010 at 6:28 | Registered Commentersabre23t
I don't know how to change things in DMW.xls, so I appreciate that it usually works without any problems. The few problems, that I know of, are easy to fix or to avoid.
October 20, 2010 at 16:28 | Registered CommenterIlse
Hi Ilse,
Did you have problem with some DWM.xls macros working on "current" task under the cursor? Where as other DWM.xls macros works on "active" task previously activated? This refers to DWM.xls version 1.1.1.

+ Macros acting on "current" task
Ctrl-Shift-Q Quick add new Task stay on (Current)
Ctrl-Shift-E Enter and complete new Task based on (Current);
-- JumpToActiveTask commented out
Ctrl-Shift-R Reenter and complete Task (Current);
-- JumpToActiveTask commented out
Ctrl-Shift-D Delete Task (Current)
Ctrl-Shift-H Highlight for Next Pass (Current)

+ Macros acting on "Active" task
Ctrl-Shift-C Complete Task (Active)
Ctrl-Shift-A Activate Task mark-only (Active)
Ctrl-Shift-W Work Task stopwatch (Active)
Ctrl-Shift-J Jump to Task (Active)

+ Macros acting on "All" or "Bottom" task
Ctrl-Shift-N New Task at list (Bottom)
Ctrl-Shift-P Prints List (All)
Ctrl-Shift-S Sorts List (All)

For me, the unexpected macro in the list above is the Ctrl-Shift-C, I originally expected it to act on "current" task just like a Ctrl-Shift-E or Ctrl-Shift-R. Do you feel the same? It's easy enough to change the macro to do so, but I haven't done so yet ... ;-)
October 25, 2010 at 18:08 | Registered Commentersabre23t
I haven't been around the forum for a while. I'm glad that people are using it. Thanks for the nice words.

I've been using another system (from Mark) and it works fine. Will see....

By the way, back when there was only AF1, I developed AF.xls, which was later extended to give some support to AF2, 3 and 4.
Given the new interest in AF1 since Mark's post, if anyone would like to try it, let me know. It's build with the same simplicity in mind as DWM.xls.
October 27, 2010 at 10:04 | Registered CommenterWalter

Thank you for sharing the explanations. It is very useful and explains a lot. I couldn't get my own systematic knowledge of such issues, or I forgot.


I would be willing to try your AF1 tool. I like your DMW.xls but I also like AF1. I don't have enough time and patience to learn more about the computer applications (I just use the basics of MS Office) so I can only take advantage of nice people willing to help.
October 28, 2010 at 12:31 | Registered CommenterIlse
Hi Walter,

Have you been following Mark's new tweak to DWM? Straight list DWM? It has only one entry point at the end of the list for both "re-entered" and new "added" tasks. Ref .

I'm wondering how easy it is to tweak DWM.xls to cater for option of using straight list DWM? Could it be as easy as making the "open tasks" sort to be by "Entered date" instead of by "Expired & Entered dates"?
October 31, 2010 at 13:06 | Registered Commentersabre23t

It's not clear to me what advantage the so-called DWM2 would have over DWM1 in Excel.

DWM1 on paper had (at least) one advantage and one disadvantage. The advantage was that it grouped items by expiration date. The disadvantage was that there were lots of gaps between items entailing lots of page flipping.

DWM2 on paper reduces the advantage and disadvantage of DWM1. The advantage of having all common expirations together is reduced. And the disadvantage of having lots of gaps between items is reduced.

That is, DWM1 is superior to DWM2 in its grouping by expiration. DWM1 is inferior to DWM2 because it has more gaps between active items.

DWM.xls has the superior aspect of DWM1 and exceeds the superior aspect of DWM2. DWM.xls groups by expiration and has a complete absence of gaps.

DWM2 was a kind of compromise. But there was no need for compromises in DWM.xls.

[I found DWM.xls to be a superior system. But, I am sympathetic to those who do not want an electronic system, for all kinds of valid reasons. If one finds paper superior to pen, then, obviously, there are good reasons to prefer DWM1 or DWM2 to DWM.xls. Today marks the start of my ninth month using DWM.xls, and I have found it much more suitable to my way of working than paper was.]
November 1, 2010 at 13:49 | Registered Commentermoises
Moises and Sabre

<< It's not clear to me what advantage the so-called DWM2 would have over DWM1 in Excel. >>

I intended it to be purely an easier method of using written DWM, which could be done in an ordinary notebook, wouldn't leave large amounts of blank space and would only require one entry point. None of these are relevant to DWM.xls and weren't intended to be.
November 1, 2010 at 15:20 | Registered CommenterMark Forster
Mark and Moises,

I thought the grouping of the reentered and new tasks at one entry point in DWM2 might give a different (better?) feel to DWM. It's not likely that I'll go to manual from my current DWM.xls, just to get a feel of what DWM2 is like. So, I was thinking of how I can make DWM.xls feels like DWM2. Lets see whether my itch to try DWM2 gets any stronger ... ;-)

Mmm ... just installed FF on a new notebook. Now, have to go hunt for that Andreas' greasemonkey script for this site ...
November 1, 2010 at 16:23 | Registered Commentersabre23t

<< By the way, back when there was only AF1, I developed AF.xls, which was later extended to give some support to AF2, 3 and 4. Given the new interest in AF1 since Mark's post, if anyone would like to try it, let me know >>

I'd appreciate a copy of the AF.xls, since Mark is strongly suggesting that SAF1 is far superior to DWM2 (and presumably DWM1 too). Ref .

Regarding DWM.xls v1.1.1, I've been slightly irritated that Ctrl-F dialog keep been switched to "match entire cell contents" by the FindTask function. I wasn't confident enough to modify that FindTask function, so I thought it would be a simple matter to record a macro that would open the "Find and Replace" dialog and untick "Match entire cell contents" checkbox, then wait for me to enter "Find what". Unfortunately, I thought wrong. :-(

Any hints, Walter? Just after writing that, I thought about just adding to Ctrl-Shift-S, a Cells.Find().Activate searching for a specific known to exist cell. That would do me for now. ;-)
November 14, 2010 at 8:19 | Registered Commentersabre23t

I've been away for some time because of some personal problems, not counting that my home computer finally died....

I'm sorry about not posting AF.xls before.
Here's the download link:

Press Ctrl-Shift-H for a help popup. It's an old file, so I don't remember everything.

Am I dreaming or are there several new methods??
AF4/2, SAF, 3-tasks method, DWM2 ........................... any more? :-)

Is there a summary somewhere?

I have a lot of reading to do.... >sigh<

sabre23t, I'm going to read your post later, I have to go back to work.
December 5, 2010 at 17:28 | Registered CommenterWalter
Thanks for the AF link! I may not leave analog but I'm going to try out this as an alternative! Especially for work.
December 5, 2010 at 18:06 | Registered CommenterBryanR
Thank you for the AF.xls. I downloaded it to refresh my memory, but I couldn't make Ctr-Shift-H work. Did I mentioned before that I'm good at computers only if someone tells me what to do?
December 5, 2010 at 19:22 | Registered CommenterIlse
Let's hope your problems are behind you, Walter.

As for dreaming, I don't know. As for new methods, there's about 6! I think they are all liable to be more effective than the old AF systems, especially when it comes to completing work quickly. I have no idea which is best.
December 6, 2010 at 1:32 | Registered CommenterAlan Baljeu
Hi Ilse,

Maybe you don't have macros enabled (for security reasons).
Which version of Excel are you using?
December 6, 2010 at 15:24 | Registered CommenterWalter

Thanks, my problems come and go almost on a daily basic, but I'm becoming quite used to them.

Sabre, I'll post a new version in a few minutes with a fix.
December 6, 2010 at 15:27 | Registered CommenterWalter
<< As for new methods, there's about 6! >>
Mmm ... I counted only 3 that Mark introduced since DWM.

Thanks for the AF.xls. Here's short summaries of MF new systems ...

(1) DWM2 - gave 1entry/2expire points instead of 2entry/1expire points. This is only to make it easier to manage a paper DWM2 list. Mark says not much advantage for digital implementation. "Mark's new DWM scheme (DWM2?)"

(2) SF/AF1R - gave 2ndColumn, to get AF1 to handle urgent stuff better, not just the closed list/backlog. "Rules for SuperFocus - 2nd Revision"

(3) AF4R - gave three open lists (new, recurring, unfinished), instead of just one. Mark may currently be favouring this one, since his recent interview/video in Lifehacker is about this one. "Promised AF4 Revision"
December 6, 2010 at 15:32 | Registered Commentersabre23t
Thanks a lot.

(2) and (3) sound really interesting.

I posted the new version with the find bug fixed.
December 6, 2010 at 15:43 | Registered CommenterWalter
(4) 3T - choose 3 tasks at a time, work them until 2 are done, then pick 2 more.
(5) AF4 + 3T - integrating 3T with AF4
(6) Everybody else (Gerry, nuntym, Jupiter, myself) contributed a variety of interesting systems, several worthy of serious consideration :-)
December 6, 2010 at 16:04 | Registered CommenterAlan Baljeu
Hi Walter,

Thank you. I fixed my macros (enabled) and everything is fine. I have blind spots when it comes to computers.
December 6, 2010 at 22:14 | Registered CommenterIlse
Alan Baljeu said:
<< (4) 3T ... (5) AF4 + 3T >>
Thanks. I missed that Mark did introduce 3T in that blog post and category . ;-)
December 7, 2010 at 18:47 | Registered Commentersabre23t
Thanks Alan and Sabre.

3T is interesting. I think I saw a thread regarding DWM + 3T. I'll check it out.
December 8, 2010 at 10:24 | Registered CommenterWalter

I hope you are still following this thread.

For a few weeks, I have been experimenting with DWM.xls, and it's a great piece of work, thank you very much!
I really like the time-based dismissal process of DWM, much more than the task-based one of AF1/2/3/4x.
Unfortunately, DWM seems to have fallen out of the favor of most (not all) people here. It's actually a very good system, and DWM.xls is a very useful tool.

I don't know whether you still use DWM or are willing to do some more work on it, but I have a few feature requests. Unfortunately, I'm a VBA illiterate, so I can't do most of this myself:

Due to the nature of my work, I need some enhancements (1), and it would be nice to have some more (2). There's also (3) and (4) :-)

(1) The essential ones:
I need two additional colums, one for due dates (I really have a lot of 'hard' due dates) and one for notes/comments. Both colums (and their values) should carry over between sheets (e.g. when moving a task between 'Open' and 'Closed' or 'Expired Tasks', and back).
I tried to add the additional colums myself, but I only managed to mess up the entries. The due dates column should be prominently placed, preferably right after the 'expired' column. I see little use in the 'created' and 'entered' columns, but that's just my personal POV. I'd like to have some conditional formatting for today's due tasks, and a few days before that, but I can probably add that myself.

(2) The desirable ones:
(a) It would be really nice to have the fields for due date and notes also on the quick entry form (alternatively, there could be an option to be taken directly to the new task after quick entry, so one could add those values there; but an updated form would be better).
(b) An alternative quick entry Point of +1 week for new tasks (with its own keyboard shortcut) would be great. I often find myself adding a new task and immediately digging to the task for 'Shift - Ctrl - R', because I already did some work on it (I know that that's against the 'rules', but sometimes new (multi-step) tasks come up while I'm away from my desk and the Excel sheet, and I already do some work on it while away, because I'd consider it silly to go back to my desk first to 'write down' the task, then return to the place I was before and afterwards go back to my desk again to press 'Shift - Ctrl - R'; most of the time this happens when I am called to support other people, but there is still some work to do on the issue afterwards).
(c) An option to have more than one 'active' task. Think of 'Triple Task' (or '3Ting') in conjunction with DWM.

(3) A bug:
In the version I have, the Stopwatch crashes (I'm not able to check this again, as I've forgotten how to invoke the stop watch... but it definitively crashed all the time).

(4) An additional small idea:
I copy/pasted the instructions into the DWM.xls file itself (on a new sheet). That way I don't have to search for it.

I also have some other ideas for DWM.xls which go far beyond this. Maybe we could discuss that by email. I don't dare to post my email address here, but maybe Mark can help us out.

BTW: The DWM.xls file I have is version 1.1.1 (?), downloaded Nov 11, 2010. As by your Dec 6 post, there should be a newer version, but I can't find it. Both Adrive links above are invalid.

January 15, 2011 at 0:20 | Registered CommenterAlex W.
Hi Alex W,

I was a heavy user of DWM.xls for more than 4months, though I'm now using for my DWM. Pending Walter's comments, I'll throw in my2cents. ;-)

(1a) Hard due dates, I just enter in brackets in the Description field, eg "Contact SPAD (before 19jan11)"
(1b) Instead of additional notes/comments column, I added column I "Links" in the Open Tasks sheet. I use Excel ctrl-K command to insert hyperlink to text files in that column. So I can keep comments about a task (or related ones) in a separate file. Clicking on that link opens that comments file. This additional column does get transferred correct between sheets (but not for the import/export function)
(1c) If you want comments that directly tied to a task, you use Excel right-click "Insert Comment" command on the task description.
(1d) The Created and Entered columns are very necessary for sorting function in DWM.xls, but you can reformat it to show only day/month and also makes it smaller.

(2c) Did you use Ctrl-Shifl-H (highlight) command? To a certain extent that can be used for 3T purposes.
January 15, 2011 at 1:01 | Registered Commentersabre23t

I'm back to DWM too. Didn't update DWM.xls, since in my current home computer I don't have Office, only OpenOffice.
Iv'e been using DWM2 with a simple, portable text (RTF) editor. I like the sequential aspect, but doing it manually is kind of confusing.

About DWM.xls:

I'm quite sure that you can add columns. I'll try that at work.

For notes, you can use Excel's "Insert Comment" (right click on cell). It's actually very nice.

The "Entered" or "Created" columns can be hidden (right click on column header, select "Hide").

I think there is indeed a newer version. I'll upload it as soon as I can.

I'm considering building an Excel-less application for DWM.
Or maybe a web application (using one of the free web servers).

I know that Excel is nice, but I'm not sure if I'll buy Office soon.
January 18, 2011 at 15:43 | Registered CommenterWalter
Hi Walter,

thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear that you can't use Excel regularly anymore and therefore there probably won't be any big updates to DWM.xls (but on can still hope and pray, right?).

A few comment on the proposals (thanks also to sabre23t for those ideas, I'll follow the numbering in sabre's post):
(1a) Hard due dates in brackets: Never really worked for me. There's also no way to create any kind of reminder (and be it orange orange auto-formatting or such) for it. Also no sorting/filtering if it doesn't have a field of its own. With a dedicated due date column, I can e.g. filter for tasks due in the next 3 days.
(1b, 1c) Notes/comments column: I know Excel's comment function, but, frankly, I don't like it. It's not keyboard-friendly, and I rarely use a mouse. In a 'todo' application, I want to have those notes right in front of my face. Makes working with those tasks a lot quicker. I'm not especially fond of hyperlinks and external files either, except maybe for reference material that already exists in external digital files. Other than that, the Excel file should be self-consistent (if that's the correct English word...), IMHO.
(1d) The 'Created' and 'Entered' columns don't really bother me, as they can be hidden easily (as Walter wrote).
(2c) I tried highlighting to mark multiple tasks at once, but it feels like a clumsy workaround, and I'd like to reserve highlighting for other uses.

Walter, it's a pity that there is probably no future for DWM.xls. I was actually thinking about putting together a combination of DIT and DWM, which would have combined some advantages of both ('orthodox' DIT had some big advantages that got lost later, IMHO). DWM.xls looked like a great starting point for that, but I know virtually nothing about VBA, so I can't build a "DIT-DWM.xls" myself.

I'll post my ideas about DIT + DWM separately. As an Excel file, "DIT-DWM.xls" would at least need two additional entry points of "+0" (today) and "+1" (tomorrow). But "+1" needs to be a work day (no Saturday/Sunday), which complicates matters.

January 18, 2011 at 19:31 | Registered CommenterAlex W.
Walter said:
<< I'm considering building an Excel-less application for DWM.
Or maybe a web application (using one of the free web servers).>>

Mmm ... a DWM.ods sounds very good to my ears, might even tempt me away from Toodledo. ;-)

If you're seriously thinking of a web app, I appreciate you looking at DWM on Toodledo, at least for inspiration on a full featured web apps allowing usage of the same list in multiple modes; A7 paper booklet, iphone/ipad apps, slim/html mobile webpages, firefox sidebar plugin, and full desktop browser webpages.
January 19, 2011 at 7:10 | Registered Commentersabre23t
Hi Alex,

That's interesting, I've been using some kind of DIT for some time, and it certainly worked for me, it really felt good to leave for tomorrow, and having a closed list.
But then, it misses the dismissal aspect of DWM. Some kind of hybrid would be great.
Mark once said that DWM is DIT, but I don't really understood.

As for your comments:
I have a feeling that you've been inserting columns between existing ones.
That's a problem. The program expects the columns to be in a specific position, but that's kind of configurable. If you open the VBA module "Constants", you'll see that each column's position can be changed. For example, for the open tasks worksheet:

Public Const COL_OPEN_DESCRIPTION As Integer = 1
Public Const COL_OPEN_EXPIRATION_DATE As Integer = 2
Public Const COL_OPEN_CATEGORY As Integer = 3
Public Const COL_OPEN_CREATION_DATE As Integer = 4
Public Const COL_OPEN_ENTRY_DATE As Integer = 5
Public Const COL_OPEN_START_TIME As Integer = 6

You could change the positions after altering the worksheet (with events off, Ctrl-Shift-Z).
But that could be kind of confusing.

Without doing this, you should be able to enter columns at the end (after column G).

I'm not sure that DWM.xls is dead. Maybe I'll buy office.

But a simple application would follow a similar format. And you could use it in computers without Excel (but with the .net framework, standard since Vista).
January 19, 2011 at 10:12 | Registered CommenterWalter

I'm reluctant to re-develop for OpenOffice. I appreciate that it's open source, but I'm not really comfortable using it as with Office.

A web application would be nice, but doing it on a free server, I wouldn't be able to warrant that if would work properly at all situations. I'm talking about response time, user concurrency, data backup, and so on...
And I doubt that there are enough DWM users to justify using a proper server, with a domain name. I see that is available though :-)

I read that you're using Toodledo, but I guess it doesn't do all the automated functions, like auto-dismissal, or does it?
January 19, 2011 at 10:22 | Registered CommenterWalter