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One of Those Days

Today was one of those days in which all my plans for the day were completely disrupted by my computer refusing to go on-line when I started it up in the morning. It was 3pm before it condescended to sign on again - and I still don't know what it was I did that cured whatever it was that was wrong.

What does one do to recover from this sort of disruption? The temptation is to panic and start acting at random. It may be days before one returns to normal. How can you avoid this happening?

The answer is to return as quickly as possible to the system. If you are using the methods in Do It Tomorrow, then get back to working on your Will Do list just as soon as you can. Getting back to the system stabilises your work again, and prevents the knock-on effects.

So however frustrated and annoyed I felt mid-afternoon today (and I felt it a lot!), I made myself get back to the list. And suddenly things seemed to be back under control.


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