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He who contrives, defeats his purpose; and he who is grasping, loses. The sage does not contrive to win, and therefore is not defeated; he is not grasping, so does not lose. Tao Te Ching
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Road Tests

After getting my road test of the "No S" Diet under way, there are some more which I want to write about. So a possible list of future roadlists would include:

Morning Pages (Journalling). I have already written about this elsewhere but as I've recently re-started the practice, perhaps it's time for a revisit.

The Dogs of the FTSE/Dow. A method of investing which I've been using over the last year and a half.

Brain Builder (Rocky Mountain Learning Systems). A program which claims to build one's sequential memory which according to the publishers is one of the foundation blocks of thinking. I haven't started on this yet.

And I suppose since I'm calling this category "Road Tests", I could even report on a real car or two!

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