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I thought it would be a good idea just to bring you up to date with some of the things I have mentioned that I have been trying out :

Resistance principle. Only just started a few hours ago, but already it's been getting me writing on this blog!

Pimsleur Italian. Going brilliantly so far. I feel really on top of the material with a high retention rate (contrary to my previous experience with audio-only courses). My only question is how far into the language the complete course will actually take me.

My Diet. Going brilliantly. I have absolute confidence that, barring accidents, I will get to my target weight on August 31st. It couldn't be easier and it couldn't be more effective.

Fitness. I've not really got going on this properly yet. I hope the Resistance Principle will help me get this established.

Note taking software. Evernote is still my favourite of those I have tried, though I'm hoping that someday the long-promised Windows version of Eastgate Tinderbox will materialise - preferably while I'm still young enough to use it!

Brainbuilder. I found this too much like hard work and not engaging enough to keep going at it. Even though my scores did improve a bit, I didn't find that I noticed any improvement in mental capacity.

Journalling. Still doing this (not quite as regularly as I'd like) and still finding it very effective.

Dogs of the FTSE. In a rather up-and-down period for shares over the last couple of months, the system has held up well.

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