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Forget How You Feel

There is an excellent post today by Adrian Savage on entitled “To be motivated and successful, first forget how you feel.”

You can’t make yourself feel happy or sad, nor can you send away whatever feelings do have, however hard you try. So waiting to do something until you feel “in the mood,” or basing your choice of actions on how you feel at the time, is to hand over control of your life to the varying state of your stomach, the effect of the weather, or the dizzying gyrations of your love life. Forget about your emotions. They’re no sensible basis for living well or pursuing a successful career.

Read the rest of the article.

Reader Comments (1)

I think care needs to be taken with the idea of not letting emotions rule your life. Of course to keep postponing your tax return until you are in the mood or feel better won't help get it filed. However if one keeps going despite feeling repeatedly negative this is corrosive. Rather than going on stoically I think one has to ask some questions:

- am I unwell? - do I need to go to the Doctor's?

- do I need to make a major shift in my life with my work or where I live?

Finally and perhaps most difficultly we must not ignor repeating negative patterns. I don't where I read it but I am reminded of the story: if you find you've built your house on a volcano, more. If you find that you've done it again you better take notice and then work out why you keep building your house on a volcano before you move again.
January 9, 2007 at 13:11 | Unregistered CommenterCharles

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