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Feedback from the One Day Seminar

Here are the comments from the One Day Seminar which I ran on Thursday last week:

“Amongst the most worthwhile uses you can make of a day that you’re not able to spend outdoors. Mark Forster has genuine insight and wisdom, in contrast to the many impractical and complex ‘systems’ on offer. Superb.”
Perry Duke, Head of Finance Control Division, DEFRA,

“A good way to crystalise the book. Now I have consolidated Do It Tomorrow I am looking forward to applying it.”
Aaron Pascoe

“Great value, really good to be able to bring the fantastic ideas in the book to life”.
Iain Gray, Win More Clients

“I am optimistic that I will implement the DIT structure. Many useful ideas”.
Pauline Hay

“Very useful in terms of learning about practically applying the DIT system”.
Frank Wessely

“It was very good to meet you and pick at my own personal issues with keeping going on the DIT system.”
Mark Jameson

There are still places on the next seminar this Friday, October 19th. Click here for details.

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