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Back to the Diet!

My week of resting from my diet is now over, so this morning I weighed myself to see what the damage has been from a week of eating what I like when I like. Considering that I’d taken full advantage of having no rules in place, I was glad to find that I’d only put on one pound. This means that my new target weight for the day is three pounds more than it would have been if I hadn’t taken the break.This isn’t too bad at all, as it could easily have been a lot worse.

In case you can’t work out how I arrived at the figure of three pounds, I’d better spell it out. It is made up as follows:

I was one pound over the day’s target when I stopped

The target weight would have dropped one pound over the week if I had stayed on the diet.

I have put on one pound.

Total three pounds. Since my aim is to lose one pound a week, in time terms I have slipped three weeks.

It’ll be interesting to see whether this adjustment will now make the diet easier to keep to. My wife did the same a few weeks back (with exactly the same result of three pounds/weeks), and she has had no problem since.

Full details of the diet I am following can be found here.

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