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Just a selection of few of the positive testimonials made so far about Autofocus. I’ve left them unattributed, but if you want to see any of them in context, put a few key words into the search box at the top of the left-hand margin and it will take you right there!

“This is a shatteringly simple concept, given the millions of words and dollars built around time and task management, but I think it really works.”

“I had concerns over managing a multitude of projects and tasks and keeping track of actions. Including the backlog, I’ve added a smidgen over 300 tasks (work and home) using a pocket notebook front and back. Of these i’ve knocked out some 70 or so, which has made serious inroads into the backlog. This is across a number of projects, but moving through the tasks so quickly and frequently keeps them really fresh in the mind, that it’s quite easy to see how they fit into the projects. One of the best things is the ease of adding another task: as a thought pops into the head, add it to the end of the list and carry on. So the system works largely in the background, and is really low maintenance.”

“I really like Autofocus. The most dramatic effect I’ve noticed is a great feeling of lightness and fluidity as I move through my day. It’s also true that I’ve taken on, and completed, a couple of tasks I’d been procrastinating about (in one case for a number of weeks), and that I felt essentially no resistance to doing them in the context of the Autofocus approach. And I’ve found myself completing some tasks much more quickly, to my amazement – I’m fussing less over emails, for example.”

“I have already posted that I wasn’t 100% sure of everything when I read the Quick Start Guide but just started. By the time I got to my first coffee break I actioned the “read rest of instructions” task and apart from the fact that they cleared up a few questions as to whether I was “doing it right”, I had already experienced the almost uncanny way in which the system did somehow eliminate procrastination and create a real excitement about doing things - included things I had previously resisted.”

“This AutoFocus method really hits the nail on the head for me because of the intuitive element. Just having the choice to NOT do a task, whether just for now or ever, is mentally freeing and paradoxically encourages you to start taking your todo lists seriously again.”

“I’d just like to say, the new system is working for me. I normally work full-time and use a similar system, however, I’m at home at the moment and have been using daily routines and the task diary. Life has been very dull and I’ve found that I’ve been doing some tasks every day and not even starting others! The new system is allowing me to touch on everything which is a great feeling. I feel as if I have done far more than normal. I even thought I might apply it to my love life!”

Reader Comments (1)

Having started the Autofocus yesterday, I am amazed and excited by its simplicity and effectiveness. I think Mark Forster has cracked the code and invented the ultimate time management system!
January 8, 2009 at 16:47 | Unregistered CommenterUmar Akbar

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