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Review of the Systems: AF4 (Revised)

The rules for AF4 Revised can be found by clicking here.

Brief summary

Using AF4 as a basis, the system divides tasks into Old, New, Recurring and Unfinished. “Old” and “New” equate to the Closed and Open Lists respectively of AF4, while “Recurring” and “Unfinished” tasks are written on separate pages. The different types of task can be dealt with in turn or alternatively in any order.


The division of tasks into the four groups happens automatically as all new tasks start on the Old/New page.The system removes the main diadvantage of AF4, the length of the Open List, as the number of tasks going into it is greatly reduced. The division of tasks into four pages allows one to concentrate on one type of task at a time (e.g. unfinished tasks) and it also makes it easier to spot where problems are arising (e.g. excessive numbers of recurring or unfinished tasks).


The system is not good at dealing with urgent tasks, as these may be located anywhere in the four groups. Although identifying unfinished tasks is useful, there is not enough pressure to finish them.


This is a powerful system but still has problems getting the right balance between tasks.

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