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Types of Lists III - The Daily Open List

The Daily Open List (or maybe I mean the Open Daily List)

This is a variation of the Daily List, but instead of making complete llst of everything you want to do during the day you list a short selection of tasks at the start of the day. Then you add further tasks as the day progresses.

The idea is to keep the list short enough for you to be reasonably confident of finishing by the end of the day.

The problem with this type of list is that there is a grave temptation to keep adding trivial tasks in order to avoid dealing with the more difficult and challenging tasks. The result is that one often ends the day with the most important things still undone.

My verdict:

The Daily Open List can become a way of avoiding doing the real work. It’s not going to win in the evolution stakes against any method which gets the real work done.



“No List” lists

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