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Today's Tasks (live)

As part of today’s testing of my new time management system I am going to write down each task as I do it. The qualification to be on this list is that it has been entered in the system. That means that the tasks may be anything from the completely inconsequential to being of the utmost significance and anything in between - just so long as they have been entered into the system. That also means that there will be other tasks I have done which I haven’t used the systems for, so it won’t reflect everything that I do during the day.

Where I have done the same task more than once during the day I will put a number in brackets after the task. So “Email (3)” means the third time I have done the task “Email” today. Where there is no number it means the task has only been done once.

Please bear in mind that maintaining this list in real time throughout the day is a considerable overhead and slows down my speed of action.

For the interests of clarity and privacy a few of the tasks may be rephrased when I put them on this post.

Here goes:

(8.10 am)
Take pill
Make tea (1)
Computer Housekeeping (1)
Wash Up
Computer Housekeeping (2)
Charge Camera Battery
Email (1)
Evernote (1)
Adjust Clock
Evernote (2)
Read blogs
Email (2)
Computer Housekeeping (3)
(9 am)
BrainHQ (1)
Comments (1)
Wash Up (2)
(10 am)
Sharpen Knives
Sort Office Drawer (1)
Check Diary
Questioning: Blog Subjects?
Draft Tomorrow’s Blog Post (1)
Computer Housekeeping (4)
Paper Inbox
Sort Office Drawer (2)
Text L re D
One-Line-A-Day (1)
(11 am)
Wish S Happy Birthday
Make Tea (2)
Draft Tomorrow’s Blog Post (2)
Sort Office Drawer (3)
(12 Noon)
Prepare Gym
Go to Gym
(2 pm)
(3 pm)
BrainHQ (2)
Comments (2)
Sort Office Drawer (3)
Change Clothes
(4 pm)
Put out Wheelie Bin
Wash Up (3)
Post Letters
Check TrueCall
Phone G re Cheque (1)
Make Tea (3)
(5 pm)
Email (3)
Upgrade Software
Draft Today’s Summary
Phone G re Cheque (2)
Wash Up (4)
(6 pm)
Facebook (2)
Sort Office Drawer (4)
“Napoleon the Great”
(7 pm)
Book Draft
Wash Up (5)
Comments (3)
One Line A Day (2)
Watch Truffaut’s Domicile Conjugal
(8 pm)
Shred Old Vouchers
“Napoleon the Great”

 That’s enough for today!

Reader Comments (2)

"One line a day?" Journal? Writing a book?
March 8, 2016 at 21:40 | Unregistered CommenterSarah Jane

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