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An End to Small Experiments - Let's Have a Huge One

I’ve grown tired of experiments - or at least of experiments on the small scale. I’m tired of developing time management systems in isolation.  I want to to experiment on a grander scale. I want to see what happens if I live with one method for an extended period. The method I want to live with is the no-list method because it has impressed me with the way it works as an extension of my brain. I’ve spent a lot of time lately experimenting with all sorts of different types of no-list systems, and at last I’ve found one that I’m satisfied that I can live with for the foreseeable future. So this is going to be a gigantic experiment about living life with that method.

What I’m going to be exploring are two of the three things which I mentioned in Bank Holiday Thoughts:

  • Getting Everything Done
  • Emergent Strategy

My theory is that a no-list method, properly used, can cope with both of these. Rather than using a time management system to execute a pre-planned strategy, this will be a case of letting the strategy emerge from using the system.

We’ll see how it develops.

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