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The Random Method with Day List

I found that the idea of a day list didn’t work with the Random Method. The reason was quite simply that I found myself feeling pressurized to get all the tasks done by the end of the day. Since one of the great advantages of the Random Method is how little pressure one feels, I thought that was throwing away one of the best features.

However I think I have discovered a simple amendment to the rules that solves all the Random Method problems and allows you to have as long a list as you like!

I’ll describe it tomorrow if it’s still working for me.

Reader Comments (1)

I've been trying a random number generator on a day list, and find it is sidestepping all the resistance to deciding to get on with a task and is having me move forward on things I hadn't been managing to put to the front through methods that involve selecting tasks. But the day list is a "would like to do today" rather than "must complete", so I didn't quite finish but was satisfied with my output, without feeling under pressure. So thanks for this counter-intuitive helpful suggestion.
(Hope the domestic water crisis is on the way to being sorted BTW.)
July 14, 2016 at 14:38 | Unregistered CommenterColin V

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