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Some Ways I Use Evernote's Features - Part 1

Evernote has been a staple of my on-line life (and often my real life too) very nearly from the time it first started up. Everyone has their own favourite ways of using it and I expect that among its millions of users there’s scarcely two identical set-ups.

I thought that today I’d just share a few of the ways I use it, in the hope that some of you might find one or more of them useful. I’ve thrown in a few general remarks about the app as well.

1. I use Evernote in three versions - the Android app, the online website and the Windows desktop. They each have their good points and bad points, but the most annoying thing about them is that there is no uniform interface so you basically have to learn how to do everything three different ways. I think they are working on this.

2. The one which works best is the Android app, and if wasn’t for the fact that I can’t type anything like as fast on a SmartPhone as I can on a desktop, I’d probably use it most of the time.

3. The Windows desktop version has the fullest feature set and makes the best use of the display qualities of Evernote, but suffers from being very slow. To keep any sort of speed up at all, you need to re-index at regular intervals, which is a long and tricky process. If you get it wrong you will delete all your notes over all your devices!

4. The Web version used to be unusably slow, but is now fast - much faster than the desktop. However inexplicably it doesn’t have a full feature set and has a completely different user interface. Or maybe it does have a full feature set and I just haven’t found where they keep the missing bits!

5. Another beef with Evernote is that they have a habit of removing some of the existing functionality whenever they do a major update. If they ever get round to putting back the function by which items which you’ve ticked on a to-do list can be hidden, then I would go out of my way to recommend Evernote as a time management app. As it is I don’t feel I can do that.

Well, this was going to be about how I use Evernote, but it seems to have changed more into a review of its bad points. I’ll keep my selection of the ways I use it for tomorrow.

But one thing you can do with Evernote is share a live list. Click here to see my live to-do list today (Sunday) as I use the Next Hour of My Life method.

Reader Comments (4)

Mark, I share your frustrations with Evernote. I'm a big, big Evernote use, but also note how they remove features. ,Add to the frustration - Evernote just announced 40% price increases!

I use Evernote more to store information, rather than a Task list. One reason is that while I have Evernote on my work computer, my company blocks syncing, so I have to sync at home I use Any.Do but it is OK. For work matters, I still use a handwritten list more akin to SuperFocus system, though I am trying to get into a No List system - it's just so hard with so many things that I may forget if I don't write them down.
July 3, 2016 at 16:08 | Unregistered CommenterSamir

I sympathize - but I suppose your company blocks syncing on everything, not just Evernote.
July 3, 2016 at 17:56 | Registered CommenterMark Forster
" 2. The one which works best is the Android app, and if wasn’t for the fact that I can’t type anything like as fast on a SmartPhone as I can on a desktop, I’d probably use it most of the time. "

does your SmartPhone have text voice dictation? I have an iPhone and SIRI gets all the intention for voice search and actions, however while I find SIRI weak, so I do not use it, what the iPhone also has is voice dictation. That works very well. And I do use it for messages, emails and notes. It was actually my father in law who discovered this for me. Uses for all his emails.

Google text search on iPhone seems better than SIRI, so while I have not tried, it is possible/likely that if it exists voice text voice dictation is also on Androids and very good. On iPhone it is available from the keyboard, so may be used in any application.

Only drawback, must be connected to internet, cell/wifi. Sadly, I do not know of offline solution.
July 3, 2016 at 20:55 | Registered CommentermatthewS
For a simple to do list, One note works fine and syncs to the phone, web and PC clients.
July 4, 2016 at 10:36 | Registered CommenterWill

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