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Interview by Lea Woodward

41265cb7dfd27d28-bb9f.pngThere’s an audio file of a 35 minute interview with me by Lea Woodward on her website “Success Rocks”. The audio quality isn’t very high unfortunately but as result the file is quite small and downloads quickly.

In the interview I answer the following questions:

1. What do you do as a “Time Freedom” coach? And how did you get into this?

2. Do you agree that the very successful people in the world base their lives around activity/productivity rather than time?

3. Do you think we should all get rid of watches/clocks?

4. Would you suggest that placing a value on things that have to be done… not as in prioritizing but attaching a value to a task might give you more reason to complete it? And how would you suggest going about that?

5. With regards to your weight loss approach – what aspects of your approach do you think others in the same situation (e.g. weight loss or other health goal) would find useful?

6. What are your top 3 tips for somebody who struggles to complete tasks due to “poor time management”?

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