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Dieting: Re-zeroing

My set of electronic bathroom scales has died. It kept giving error messages and the weighings became increasingly inconsistent, so I decided to buy a new set. Now I am the proud possessor of a WeightWatchers 8962U LCD Precision Electronic Scale. It’s much more legible than my old set and also gives the weights to the nearest quarter pound.

Using a new weighing machine means that it’s best to re-zero, so I’m starting again from this morning’s weight (1.25 lbs above yesterday’s weight on the old machine) with zero rules. I’ve also decided that it’s a good opportunity to go back to the previous method of a steady loss of one pound a week, rather than the Ratchet Effect which I’ve been using recently. What I’ve realised is that the Ratchet Effect doesn’t just ratchet the weight down - it also ratchets the number of rules up. I should of course have realised at the start that it would have this effect, but mathematics was never my strong point!

Since I’m now moving in quarter pound intervals instead of half pound intervals, I need to change the target weight four times a week. Since I’ve started on a Thursday, I will plot the quarter-pound drops on Saturdays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

I’m going to keep the new rule I introduced of “Single Course only” on the list of rules as it seems to work well.

(Full details of the diet I am following can be found here.)

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